Seadrill is committed to safe and efficient operations across our fleet.

Effective Red Zone Management is key to improving our safety performance by eliminating and limiting our personnel’s exposure to areas of the rig that have an increased risk of injury.

Over the past 6 months, Seadrill together with the Marsden Group have developed a Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) solution to assist with Red Zone Management on the drill floor.

LIDAR system

The LIDAR system provides up to 360-degree coverage on an area by emitting light and measuring the reflection to calculate distances accurate to a few millimeters.

The LIDAR module

The LIDAR module

LIDAR identifying people within the red zone

LIDAR identifying people within the red zone.

This generates approximately 700,000 sensors readings per second that are analyzed in real time. Algorithms identify and track the location and movement of people and equipment.

The driller is notified when someone enters a restricted red zone. Initially the systems will function as an alert tool to the driller. However, future updates to the system will include the ability to prevent equipment from contacting personnel and also act as a back-up anti-collision system monitor for the drilling package equipment.